01 Jul

Planning continues, more slowly than we might wish, however, we are getting closer to going to site and we still expect to turn the first sod before the end of the summer holiday period of 2015 and also to commence work on the refurbishment of the current building. The current delay arises as a result of the new Building Control Amendment Regulations B(C)AR and changes in Technical Guidelines since the SMC Project was originally planned. While they are a delay, and even an inconvenience, they are merely that and, please God, will soon be behind us as we forge ahead and go to site. Happily all State Examination students of 2015 were able to complete their examinations in their familiar surroundings safe in the knowledge that no work would commence prior to the end of the examination period.

As we progress all developments at SMC during the summer months we ask all parents and guardians to keep a watchful eye on the college website where the latest news will be posted. As you know, the website can be accessed at www.sanctamariacollege.com