Bulletin No. 8

SMC Redevelopment Project

Date: Friday 30th September, 2016  

As we come to the end of the first month of the 2016-2017 school year I urge you, please, to visit the Redevelopment Section of our College Website where you can view the most recent photographs and track the progress of the College redevelopment over the course of the past year.

I ask please also that, while doing so, you might give some thought to what a blessing this is for Sancta Maria College to receive this level of funding for the redevelopment of our College. As you are aware from my August Bulletin the level of Department and Skills Investment increased further during the summer months by almost another €500,000 when the DES generously responded to our pleas for additional funding.

At Sancta Maria College we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of Teaching and Learning and the highest standards of facilities for our teachers and our students/your daughters but we do need your support as we strive to bring this project to completion.

Please see the enclosed letter and brochure regarding the funding that we ourselves must provide and I earnestly request, on behalf of the whole school community, that your focus will be on the miracle that is currently unfolding in front of our eyes at Sancta Maria College and your desire to play a part in ensuring that, as we bring this project to completion, we do so to a standard that both you, as Parents/Guardians and your daughters deserve.

There can be no doubt but that Sancta Maria College is set to become the flagship all girls voluntary secondary school in South Dublin and your support and active involvement is key to ensuring that this is so.

With all of this in mind I enclose two most important documents with this bulletin:

  1. Notification of our Parents Association A.G.M. at which we will also Nominate 2 Parent Nominees to the Board – The current Board of Management is coming to the end of its 3 year term of office and we are currently seeking Board Nominees for the next 3 year term, 2016 – 2019.
  2. An appeal for your support with fundraising for our College.

Redevelopment Update

We are now one month into the new school year and we are well established in the newly re refurbished areas of the existing school.  A new programme has been issued for the internal works to the new wings and this shows a date of November 18th for completion and handover.

Since my last Redevelopment Bulletin, at the start of the new school year, the following developments have taken place:


Fire proofing to the structural steel is complete in the existing school and new build is still to do.

The water main at the water tower has to be diverted.

The lift is complete and commissioned.

The new vinyl was started on 21st September at night.

The new lock cylinders are being fitted today Friday 30th September

The Social Area is open for use. Flooring is not complete yet.

The Library is still not complete.

LMK are marking out the new gate piers and walls at the Templeroan entrance for digging.

The roof lights to the existing school have not been fitted yet.

The fire doors for the corridors are being fitted in the new build during the day and in the existing school at night.

There was damage to the electric cable at the Templeroan entrance the electricity was off for 3hrs.


Main activities on site last period include:

New Build

  • Fitting wall insulation for external render.
  • Fixing angle beads & mesh for Sto render.
  • Applying STO render on single storey.
  • Coring holes for services.
  • Insulation & sealing to flat roofs.
  • 1st fix mechanical in single storey & main entrance area.
  • 1st fix electrical in single storey.
  • Brickwork to link corridor 100 & external of Lecture room.
  • Fitting doors and frames to the 2 storey.
  • Rubbing up concrete beams to all areas.
  • Cutting opes on roof of 2 storey for pipes.
  • Painting to doors.
  • Building the boundary wall at Templeroan entrance.
  • Fitting the leaf filter and associated ducts & pipes to the rainwater harvesting tank

Existing School

  • Fitting cappings.
  • Rain screen to the gables of pitched roofs.
  • Painting to classrooms at night.
  • Painting the library.
  • Fitting lights to library.
  • Fitting flooring to the corridors at night & some welding.



2 Storey Block:

  • 1st Fix electrics ground floor 98% complete
  • 1st fix electrics 1st floor 70%
  • Air tightness 60% complete
  • Fitting Windows 98% complete
  • Glazing to windows 90% complete
  • Painting 40% complete
  • External insulation & render 40% complete
  • 1st fix Carpentry 10% complete
  • Ceiling grids 40% complete
  • MF ceilings 15% complete

Single storey block

  • Brickwork 100% complete
  • 1st fix mechanical 90% complete
  • 1st fix electrics 95% complete
  • Air tightness 20% complete
  • Roof decking & insulation to the corridor has been laid.
  • External insulation & render 60% complete

Area 3

  • Brickwork 90% complete
  • Windows 75% complete
  • Acoustic insulation to GP area 80% complete 

Existing School

  • 2nd fix carpentry 99% complete
  • 2nd fix Mechanical 95% complete
  • Work to Boiler house 90% complete
  • Ceilings 98% complete
  • Roof work 95% complete
  • Vinyl flooring 80% complete (being laid at night and weekends)

Site works

  • Underground ducting 50%  complete
  • Rainwater harvesting tank is now installed
  • Curved retaining wall 100% complete
  • Excavations for soakaway pits 60% complete
  • Excavations for Templeroan entrance walls and storm connection started.

I’m sure that you will all agree that quite a significant amount of work has taken place over the course of the month of September and both staff and students look on in awe at the miracle unfolding in front of their eyes! Yes, there are challenges that we encounter along the way but just remember those wonderful words from Elisabeth Kubler- Ross that I’ve shared with you in previous communications:

“If you shield the mountain from the windstorms, you never see the beauty of the carvings.”

All at Sancta Maria College now look eagerly on as they arrive each morning to see a new ‘carving’ unfold!

Please keep an eye on the College website for photographs and updates and don’t forget please to donate generously!

Le gach dea- ghuí

Gerardine Kennedy