Sancta Maria College, Ballyroan, Dublin 16 is situated on a large site with beautiful views of the Dublin Mountains.


The school has 47 classrooms and every teacher has her/his own room. There’s an Assembly Hall, 2 Art Rooms, Biology Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory and Physics Laboratory, 2 Computer Rooms, 30 Laptops on a Laptop Trolley, 3 Home Economics Rooms, History/Geography Room, Library, Music Room and Resource/Learning Support Room.

I.T. Facilities


Sancta Maria College has made a very significant investment in I.T. in recent years and our Parents’ Association have been especially supportive in their fundraising campaigns which were crucial to this upgrade

  • Laptops and Projector were installed in every classroom in 2011/2012 triggering the first major leap into the introduction of I.T. as a tool in teaching & learning
  • eBeam technology was installed in all Mathematics and Science Rooms
  • 2 Visualisers were purchased
  • 26 New Computers were installed in Computer Room 1 during the summer of 2012
  • EPortal was launched in summer 2012, allowing teachers to electronically record attendance, behaviour and academic progress
  • extensive upgrading took place in Computer Room 2, the library and the staffroom
  • 30 Laptops on a Laptop Trolley were purchased enabling students to work online in classrooms and in other learning centres throughout the college
  • 100 mb broadband was installed in 2013/2014
  • New Library Software was installed in 2013/2014 as part of our Literacy initiative
  • The college installed a computerised system for tracking student attendance, academic progress and behaviour in 2012 and this has been further enhanced in 2014 with the transfer to VSWare
  • Office 365 has been installed in September 2014

Work on the Wifi infrastructure will be undertaken during the 2014/2015 school year in preparation for the further enhancement of I.T. facilities and the progress towards further embracing the move towards being a Smart School as we prepare our students for the world of work of the twenty-first century.

Student Lockers


Each student is provided with her own locker for the school year. The locker is sufficiently large to store the personal belongings of each student, including camogie sticks, hockey sticks, helmets, coats, projects, books etc. The lockers help ensure a more secure and safe environment for all students’ possessions.

College Canteen - Sancta Bia


Our new canteen, installed in 2011, has proved a huge asset to Sancta Maria College and to the parents of our students. The school has a policy of healthy eating and all students are encouraged to eat and drink healthily. Parents are requested not to give their daughters food or drinks that contravene this policy. The canteen offers hot and cold food during morning break and lunchtime.

Students are surveyed on a regular basis and a consultant dietician addresses the students early in the new school year to raise awareness of the wisdom of healthy eating and, thereby, get everyone off to a good start.


Sancta Maria College’s library is the envy of many educational establishments! The library’s new computer software package, the Eclipse System, allows students access the college library from any PC, even from home. Each student is given her own unique login where she can check her loans, search for books, upload book reviews and see what types of book are available in the library. Parents can also use the system from home to monitor their daughter’s library account, see what she’s reading and even check if books are available in the library before purchasing new books.

The library is well stocked with an extensive range of books, publications, daily newspapers, and educational magazines. The stock of books is kept updated on a regular basis and students are surveyed regarding their choice of books and other publications.

A librarian is on duty during the school day, including at lunchtime and morning break, and all 1st and 2nd year students have, at least, one period of library time per week. Students also have supervised access to computers with internet access.

Book Clubs are one of the newer features of the college library and a Creative Writing Club is bursting at the seams with budding authors!

Well known visiting authors who have recently shared their journey with the girls include Anna Carey, Laura Jane Cassidy, Sheila O’Flanagan and Roddy Doyle. All authors have been astounded by the enthusiasm of the girls and their knowledge of the world of creative writing and what it entails.