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Thank you for visiting the new Sancta Maria College website. The site will act as a means of communication with parents, students, staff, past pupils, former staff and all friends and neighbours of Sancta Maria College. Prospective families are also among its target audience. Through our website users will have ready access to calendars, schedules and the most up-to-date information on recent events and activities. The school’s philosophy, history, curriculum, location, etc., are also available on the website.

Sancta Maria College is an all-girls, voluntary, Catholic Secondary School, originally established by the Mercy Sisters and currently under the trusteeship of CEIST – Catholic Education, an Irish Schools Trust.

  • Promoting Spiritual and Human Development
  • Achieving Quality in Teaching and Learning
  • Showing Respect for Every Person
  • Creating Community and
  • Being Just and Responsible

are the values enunciated in the CEIST Charter and these are the values by which we, at Sancta Maria College, measure our mission, performance and priorities. They are ‘the standards’ that inform best practice and characterise life at Sancta Maria College.

As a Catholic school we pursue excellence in an inclusive, caring and respectful environment.

Students are appropriately challenged to achieve their personal best and to have high expectations of themselves and the confidence and self-belief to pursue their dreams.

As you explore the pages of this website we hope that you will find answers to at least some of your questions and arrive at a better understanding of who we are and what we value at Sancta Maria College. We hope, also, that this exploration will leave you wishing to know more and, should this be the case, please feel free to contact us, either by e-mail at info@sanctamariacollege.com or by phone at 014934887.

Our Open Day is well worth a visit and takes place early in the first term each year. Why not take the opportunity to visit and meet our talented and dedicated staff and some of our highly motivated and enthusiastic students and thus gain a greater insight into life as a student, or staff member, at Sancta Maria College in the twenty-first century.

Gerardine Kennedy (Principal)