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Bulletin No 1

Access to Sancta Maria College for the duration of the Building & Refurbishment Project

Sancta Maria College has finally, after many years of planning, become a building site and, in the interest of the safety of all concerned, access to the building compound will be restricted to Building Contractors and associated personnel. Hoarding and fencing around the building site will secure the site and deny access to all except authorised personnel.

Starting on Monday, 24th August, vehicular access to Sancta Maria College will be restricted.

Access by car will be available as follows:

  1. Ballyroan Crescent

Vehicular access to the College via Ballyroan Crescent continues to be available; however, it is important to note that cars will not be allowed beyond the roundabout at the end of the College avenue.

If dropping off or picking up your daughter on Ballyroan Crescent we ask, please, that you are mindful and respectful of the rights of residents. Double parking, blocking entrances etc is unacceptable and we earnestly request that you not engage in such behaviour.

Please take note that car parking for parents, students or staff in the SMC grounds at the front of the College will not be available as this area now forms part of the Builder’s Compound.

  1. Ballyroden St Enda’s G.A.A. Club (BBSE)

Vehicular access to the College will also be available via Ballyboden St Enda’s entrance. Please note that if approaching the entrance to BBSE from Ballyboden roundabout it is not possible to take a right turn into the grounds of BBSE, you must proceed down to the next roundabout, go around the roundabout and come back to BBSE. BBSE will then be on your left hand side and you can turn left into BBSE.

When exiting BBSE you must turn left. You cannot turn right at the exit.

As Ballyboden Way is an extremely busy road at rush hour in the morning it is unacceptable to drop off your daughter at the entrance to BBSE causing delays and traffic jams. Safety must be the priority at all times. We urge caution and vigilance in terms of practices adopted.

In choosing the BBSE site as your entry point to SMC please ensure that you drive right in and up to the top where you can use the car parking area to drop off/pick up your daughter and turn, prior to exiting the grounds.

You must not park on the avenue at any time, no matter how briefly. Once you enter you must proceed up to the top, drop off/pick up, turn and proceed down the avenue to the exit.

If your daughter is entering SMC via the BBSE property we ask please that you are very mindful and considerate of our neighbours. It is not acceptable to use the apartment complex opposite the entrance as a drop off or pick up point.

  1. Templeroan Car Park

Access to the College by Car for Parents, Students and Staff is available via the Templeroan Car Park. As per the enclosed map, access to this car park is from Templeroan Road via the Templeroan housing estate.

Immediately on entering the Car Park, please turn right and proceed down the right hand side of the car park. The car parking, the pick-up and drop off areas and the pedestrian route will be clearly signed and we ask that all who enter be mindful of safety requirements and endeavour to respect the rights of all users.

For parents who are dropping off or picking up their daughters, we request, please, that you do so in an orderly fashion and without causing obstruction to other parents, students or staff.

Staff members who are entering the car park will turn right immediately on entering the car park and proceed down the right hand side of the car park to the area facing the Templeroan teaching block. We request please that you park your car in a manner that facilitates safe movement, and ease of movement, for all staff members, students and parents.

Safety and ease of access and movement are our priority and we need your support as we all adjust to a revised traffic movement and car parking arrangement.

The residents of the Templeroan housing estate will, without any doubt, experience inconvenience and disruption as a result of our building and refurbishment project. We are deeply conscious of this and our aim is to keep this disruption to a minimum. We are very dependent on your co-operation and support in this matter as we embark on this major redevelopment project.

We ask please for the exercise of extreme caution in the early days of the new school year as all users become familiar with the new lay out and traffic management arrangements.

As space is limited we request that all who use this car park are mindful of the safety of all who use the facility and the rights of others.

Should you encounter some particular difficulties please feel free to pass on your concerns to me via the school phone, 014934887, or via e-mail to gkennedy@sanctamariacollege.com

Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated and we apologise for all inconvenience caused.

Pedestrian Access to SMC will still be available via:

  • Ballyroan Crescent – as last year
  • Templeroan Entrance – pedestrian route clearly and safely laid out – follow the signs

Ø  Ballyboden St Enda’s Entrance – as last year

Thank you, in advance for your co-operation with this Traffic Management Plan.