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Bulletin No.2

SMC Redevelopment Project

Date: Monday, 7th September, 2015 i.e. Commencement Day for Redevelopment Project

As we start into the first full week of classes for the 2015/2016 school year I’d like to update everyone on the progress of our redevelopment project.

As you know, work to date, i.e. since site set up began, has involved various aspects of site preparation which is now almost complete. This work included all of the following and more!

  • Reorganising the Templeroan Entrance to SMC – closing the old pedestrian entrance and creating a new pedestrian entrance at the extreme right, close to the wall, as you approach the car park from Templeroan Estate
  • Clearing/cleaning out, levelling, applying hard core and rolling and compacting the surface of the Templeroan Carpark in preparation for use as a carpark etc
  • Separating and securing the construction compound by the erecting of hoarding
  • Erecting fencing to provide a safe secure pedestrian walkway for the protection of all pedestrian users of the carpark
  • Creating a Pedestrian Crossing – work in progress and almost complete
  • Creating a roundabout to facilitate ease of turning, negotiating and traffic management in the car park area
  • Erecting a variety of signs inside the Templeroan car park to clearly indicate car parking, no car parking, set down, pick up, Pedestrian Crossing, Construction Traffic etc
  • Creating new Fire Assembly Points in new, appropriate locations and erecting new signs
  • Erecting signs at the front of the College for the guiding of visitors to the College to Reception
  • Erecting a variety of signs on the approach to the various entrances and exits from Sancta Maria College indicating and advising of options available/not available for access and car parking
  • Painting of the hoarding and erecting L. & M. Keating Signs, Logos etc.
  • Removing trees, bushes, old fencing etc.
  • Removal of tarmac surface off old basketball court/car park at the front of the College
  • Removal of basketball fittings + flag poles to storage
  • Redirecting drainage

Ø  Setting up site offices inside the hoarding and connecting to the necessary services i.e. water, power, etc.

I would like to say a very sincere “thank you” to everyone for their co-operation and understanding this past week as we all adjust to and become familiar with a new, rearranged car parking and set down/pick up layout. Your smiles, waves, good humour and friendly support were hugely appreciated!

I’m appealing to everyone, please, to be particularly conscious of all of our students and also students of both Coláiste Éanna and Scoil Naomh Pádraig as they negotiate the property. Please put their safety at the top of your priority list. Pedestrians, as of course you know, are much more vulnerable than anyone in a vehicle of any kind and please, even if annoyed/exasperated at a student’s failure to act responsibly, never let your response put them in danger. We will instil in them, as I know you do as parents/guardians, the need for vigilance and also for thoughtfulness for drivers, however, as the adults in their lives please be constantly mindful of their safety as you use our car parking facilities. Please drive slowly through the neighbouring residential areas, on approach to the College, as you enter/exit the grounds and as you pass through the grounds.

As stated in my earlier letters, the safety of everyone in the school community and in the building compound is our number one priority and with continued patience and understanding from everyone who uses the carparks/entrances/exits/driveways etc I expect the movement of traffic to adjust and settle into a smooth free moving traffic flow as people adjust their routine to accommodate the little frustrations. Thank you again, one and all, for your understanding and assistance with this.

Regarding access via the Ballyroan Crescent entrance and the College Avenue, I’m asking drivers once again, please, for understanding in refraining from using this means of entry or parking. We are obliged to comply with safety and health regulations and thereby ensure access, parking and turning space for fire brigades, ambulances, Garda vehicles etc in the event of accident or illness in the College or in the building compound and, for this reason, I’m appealing to everyone, please, to respect this request.

Should you have a concern please feel free to contact me on gkennedy@sanctamariacollege.com or feel free to call the College on 01 4934887 and ask to speak to me. Should it not be possible for me to take your call at that time I will return the call by the end of the day, if at all possible, and should that not be possible I will do so on the following morning.

Thanking you, in advance, for your continued understanding, support and co-operation.