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Bulletin No. 3

SMC Redevelopment Project

Date: Monday, 19th October, 2015

As we start Week 9 of the 2015/2016 school year I’d like to update everyone on progress since our last bulletin regarding our redevelopment project.

No sign of any walls appearing, as yet, however, a lot of work has gone on and a lot of progress has been made!

The main activities on site could be summarised thus:

  • Stripping and storage of topsoil on site and removal from site of subsoil
  • Removal of soft spots and replacing them with stone
  • Installation of main supply cable to power services for duration of project
  • Installation of Main Drainage line, foul sewer, storm sewer etc.
  • Testing of Storm and Foul drainage lines
  • Installation of temporary sewer pipeline from site offices
  • Site set up of additional office space, canteen and toilets, separation fence between pedestrian and main entrance to compound
  • Installation of geotextile membrane and approved stone
  • Detecting and relocating of gas and water services found on site
  • Investigations to determine the true route of the existing water main
  • Excavation and pouring of foundations
  • Tree removal from surrounding boundary and tree stumps pulled out and removed
  • Investigative survey of existing storm/foul/combined sewers around existing school
  • Burst water main caused disruption and suspension of excavation of foundations
  • Repairing damaged water main
  • Installation of storm drain
  • Electrical contractors have set up their site accommodation and have already installed typical electrical services to an existing classroom in the current school building

Ø  Establishment of a location to store spoil in the Templeroan car park

The weather, as you know, has been excellent and has not resulted in any delays to the project.

Dust suppression measures were put in place as the dry weather resulted in some dust related problems.

Can I appeal, once again, to all users of the Sancta Maria College car parking facilities to be mindful of the safety of our students and also students of both Coláiste Éanna and Scoil Naomh Pádraig as they negotiate the property. Please put their safety at the top of your priority list. Pedestrians, as of

course you know, are much more vulnerable than anyone in a vehicle of any kind and please, even if annoyed/exasperated at a student’s failure to act responsibly, never let your response put them in danger. We will instil in them, as I know you do as parents/guardians, the need for vigilance and also for thoughtfulness for drivers, however, as the adults in their lives please be constantly mindful of their safety as you use our car parking facilities. Please drive slowly through the neighbouring residential areas, on approach to the College, as you enter/exit the grounds and as you pass through the grounds.

As stated in my earlier letters, the safety of everyone in the school community and in the building compound is our number one priority and with continued patience and understanding from everyone who uses the carparks/entrances/exits/driveways etc I know that both the construction, the redevelopment work and teaching and learning can continue with minimal disruption to all. Thank you again, one and all, for your understanding and assistance with this and apologies for the minor, unavoidable frustrations that present along the way.