Bulletin No. 6

SMC Redevelopment Project

Date: Friday, 17th June, 2016  

As we start into a new phase of our redevelopment project I’d like to bring everyone up to speed on where our project is at and what the programme is for the summer months of 2016.

State Examinations 2016

Firstly, as all parents of students who are sitting their state examinations are aware, Sancta Maria College students are sitting their state examinations this year in Coláiste Éanna. I would like, on behalf of myself, Ms Rowan, Deputy Principal, SMC state examination students and their parents /guardians I would like to express our deepest appreciation to the BOM of Coláiste Éanna, Mr McCauley and Ms McCabe for their generosity and support in this matter.

New Wings  

Work continues on the two new wings as per the details below. The programme is somewhat behind schedule, which I’m sure does not come as a surprise to anyone who has undertaken any building or refurbishment project, however, standards of workmanship are very high and quality is constantly monitored and assessed.

Refurbishment of the current building, always planned to take place over two summers, has well and truly started and the building has now become a mere shell. All fixed furniture and fittings have been removed and the building has now become a building site. This does mean that entry is strictly forbidden and the website is your only and best source of information. The photographs will be constantly kept updated and please be warned that the impact of the most recent pictures can be quite emotional!

Regarding the refurbishment of the current building, since the project commenced on site in September last, a number of defects with the existing school building have been uncovered. These defects necessitated extensive investigations and, following these opening up works, negotiations on cost etc and an appeal to the Department of Education for additional funding, we now await their approval and on receipt of approval to proceed the programme of works for the summer holiday period will be finalised. The areas requiring additional work are the roof, the walls of the building, both internal and external, and further unplanned works to the heating system.

Works that have recently been carried out can be described as follows:


Electricians moving power /phone & wi-fi to new location for the Principal and admin staff.

The mechanical contractor working in the 2 storey block.

Roof steel is progressing on the roof of the single storey block.

Awaiting the go ahead for the extra work to the roof of the existing school.

The carpenters are progressing with concrete roof beams in the 2 storey block & GP area.

Clearing out of the classrooms in the existing school.

Main activities on site last period include:

  • Formwork & rebar to beam to 1st floor at roof level 2 storey block grid U.
  • Formwork, rebar & concrete to beams in the GP area.
  • Last section of roof beam to single storey cast at L 16.
  • Fitting the balance of precast floor slabs & stairs to the tank room.
  • Scaffolding for brickwork at stairs 1 and gable of the 2 storey block.
  • Scaffolding for Carpenters for concrete beams.
  • Electrician’s 1st fixing containment and wiring ground floor of the 2 storey block.
  • Installing steelwork to roof of the single storey block and the single storey flat roof. Drilling and fixing steel beams & packers in single storey.
  • Brickwork to stairs 1 & stairs 2 and main entrance.
  • Mechanical contractor at the pipe work in the 2 storey building.
  • LMK at the dilapidation survey in the existing school.
  • Moving filled boxes and desks etc into the storage area in the existing school.
  • Removing the roof covering to the roof of the existing school.
  • Core drilling for services in the 2 storey building.

Progress on New Wings

2 Storey Block:

  • 1st Fix electrical containment ground floor 95% complete
  • Electrical wiring is ongoing on the 2 storey ground floor
  • 1st fix mechanical pipework ground floor 35% complete
  • Blockwork to 1st floor 99% complete
  • Concrete beams to roof level 90% complete
  • Concrete beams for the plant room floor 95% complete
  • Plant room floor and stairs 75% complete
  • Structural steel to the roof 40% complete
  • Roof sheeting delivered.

Single storey block

  • Structural columns 100% complete
  • Backfill to floors 98% complete
  • Radon barrier 98% complete
  • Mesh & insulation 98% complete
  • Blockwork 98% complete
  • Concrete roof beams 100% complete
  • Structural steel to the roof 98% complete
  • Roof sheeting delivered

  Area 3

  • Blockwork 98% complete
  • Concrete beams 80% complete
  • Concrete slab over connecting corridor to main entrance 10% complete
  • Roof sheeting delivered.

Site works

  • Underground ducting 50%  complete
  • Retaining walls and steps to entrance area 75% complete
  • Rainwater harvesting tank on site not installed


Le gach dea-ghuí

Gerardine Kennedy