Bulletin No. 7

SMC Redevelopment Project

Date: Wednesday, 24th August, 2016

As we plan for the opening of the new school year I’d like to update everyone on recent progress with our redevelopment project.

The refurbishment of the current building has been progressing all summer and huge progress has been made.

Work to the existing building, over the summer months, included the following areas:

  • D Block – classrooms, offices, social areas, toilet areas, locker rooms etc
  • Staffroom, Oratory, 2 Science Laboratories, 3 Home Economics Rooms, Music Room
  • Library & Sancta Bia,
  • Guidance Counsellors Office + Waiting Area
  • Reception
  • Finance office

Work to these areas included new doors, windows, ceilings, skirtings, facias, floors, all fixed furniture & fittings – where relevant

All Services to these rooms – lighting, electricity, data etc where relevant


As was flagged in the June Bulletin, since the project commenced on site, in September 2015, a number of defects with the existing school building have been uncovered. These defects necessitated extensive investigations and, following these opening up works, negotiations on cost etc and an appeal to the Department of Education and Skills for additional funding, approval was granted by the DES and, I am happy to report, some of the works involved were commenced. The areas that required additional work were the roof, the walls of the building, both internal and external, and further unplanned works to the heating system.

The programme of works for the summer of 2016 was adjusted to accommodate the extra works to the roof, walls and heating and, as a result, all of the existing school was refurbished except for the ‘B’ Block and the ‘T’ Block and the existing Music/P.E. Hall area etc.

There are some other changes and rearrangements that form part of the plan for the whole school which, for now, we must work around. The old staff room will continue to be the staffroom until the new wings are completed. The Oratory will continue to be an office and the area that was formerly  the Guidance Counsellor’s Office and Finance Office etc will, for now, become the new reception area, as the old reception area has now become the Principal’s Office.

Work on the New Wings has also continued and is progressing with a view to being ready for hand over by the end of October 2016.

Some of the most recent activities taking place can be classified thus:


  • Fitting windows to the 2 storey & single storey blocks of the new wings
  • Windows are nearly complete in the existing school
  • Fire proofing to the structural steel is complete in the existing school and new build still to be done
  • Doors and frames are being fitted in the existing school
  • Painting is progressing
  • Re pointing to the brickwork is continuing to the existing school
  • Fitted furniture is progressing
  • Insulated render started on site on 17/8/16


Main activities on site recently:

New Build

  • Brickwork complete around both buildings at plinth level
  • Painting in the 2 storey block and single storey
  • Fitting windows to the 2 storey ground & 1st floor and sealing internally
  • Fitting insulation to the underside of the single storey roof
  • Fixing roofing over the GP area
  • Decking and sealing to flat roof over 1st floor corridor
  • Fitting wall insulation for external render

Existing School

  • Laying new insulation to the roof of the existing school with new roof membrane
  • Electricians 1st & 2nd fixing
  • Mechanical contractor at the heating pipe work including insulation
  • Fitting ceilings in the existing school
  • Re-pointing brickwork to the existing school
  • Plastering ceilings and walls to the existing school
  • Partitions to walls including library
  • Fireproofing to walls
  • Painting to classrooms
  • Fitting windows & external doors
  • Ceiling to the social area/dining area
  • Fitting built in furniture
  • Insulating the roof in the dining area & library
  • Fitting doors and frames
  • Fitting architraves and skirting
  • Fitting timber trims around windows
  • IPS panels to toilets
  • Protection to the vinyl floor in Home Economics



New build

  • Windows are been fitted on the ground & 1st floor and roof of the 2 storey and single storey this week
  • Netting is being fixed to the GP area
  • Decking to GP area is ongoing


Existing school

  • Mechanical & Electrical are progressing
  • Ceilings are progressing
  • Home economics built in furniture is progressing
  • Biology & Chemistry built in furniture has started
  • Floor tiling to the toilets is almost complete
  • Windows are being fitted but not complete
  • Doors and frames are continuing
  • Architraves & skirting are being completed
  • IPS panels to the toilets have started
  • Insulation to the roof of the dining area
  • Partitions above library screens have been installed
  • Painting is progressing
  • Corridor ceilings are being installed



2 Storey Block:

  • 1st Fix electrics ground floor 98% complete
  • 1st fix electrics 1st floor 40%
  • Brickwork 95% complete.
  • Air tightness 20% complete
  • Fitting Windows 90% complete
  • Glazing to windows 80% complete
  • Painting 40% complete
  • Roof decking to corridor 100% complete
  • External insulation & render 0% complete


Single storey block

  • Brickwork 55% complete
  • Roof sheeting 90% complete
  • Fitting windows 80% complete
  • Air tightness 20% complete
  • Roof decking to the corridor has been lifted onto the roof.
  • External insulation & render 5% complete

  Area 3

  • Roof sheeting is proceeding. 50% complete
  • Brickwork 90% complete
  • Windows 50% complete

Existing School

  • 1st fix electrical 95% complete
  • 2nd fix electrical 15% complete
  • Partitions 85% complete
  • Ceilings 50% complete
  • Brick re-pointing 95% complete
  • Roof work 70% complete
  • Vinyl flooring 70% complete
  • Fireproofing to classrooms 90% complete
  • Built in furniture 75% complete
  • External drainage from home economics 100% complete

Site works

  • Underground ducting 50%  complete
  • Rainwater harvesting tank is now installed.
  • Curved retaining wall 30% complete (started back on Tuesday 9-8)
  • Excavations for soakaway pits 60% complete


I’m sure that you will agree that quite a significant amount of work has taken place and we look forward now to enjoying the benefits of this large area of a beautifully refurbished building, just a taste of what’s to come!

Please keep an eye on the College website for photographs and updates and don’t forget donate generously!

Le gach dea ghuí