Bulletin No. 9

SMC Redevelopment Project

Date: Monday, 24 October 2016 

 Main activities on site last period include:

 New Build

  • Fitting wall insulation for external render.
  • Fixing angle beads and mesh for Sto render.
  • Applying STO render on 2 storey block.
  • Coring holes for services.
  • 1st fix mechanical in single storey & main entrance area.
  • 1st fix mechanical to toilets and rainwater system to 2 storey flat roof.
  • Fitting radiators to all areas.
  • 1st fix electrical in single storey & 2 storey.
  • Timber trims to windows to the single storey.
  • Fitting skirting in single storey.
  • Fitting windows and doors to all areas.
  • Air tightness to the 2 storey corridor.
  • Joisting over the tea station.
  • Ceiling to GP area.
  • Grading to the hardcore for the ballcourts.

Existing School

  • Painting at night.
  • Fitting presses to the photocopy room and chemistry prep area and store at social studies.



New Build

A new programme has been issued for the internal works which show a date of 18/11/16 for completion. It is now 2+ weeks behind.

1st fix electrical was to be complete 30/9/16 it will take at least another week.

Doors & frames were to be complete on the 1st floor by 30/9/16

New frames have arrived but are not fitted yet.

A new programme for the envelope of the new build and a programme for the toilet areas are to be issued but have not been received.

Flooring to the single storey (carpet was to be laid on 3/10/16) not done yet.

Flooring to the 1st floor (vinyl was to be laid on 10/10/16) not done yet.

2nd fix mechanical to the GP area was to be completed 14/10/16 has not started yet.

2nd fix carpentry to the stairs was to be completed by 14/10/16 has not started yet.

Rooflight upstands were to be complete 21/10/16 material on site but has not started yet.

Built in furniture in the single storey was to start on 10/10/16 has not started yet.

Existing School.

New programme required.

Leaks in the heating system have been repaired but some radiators are still not working near the art rooms.

Library is being painted and flooring has been laid. It is still not complete.

Dates for replacing roof lights/completion of painting/Blinds/ RWP’s are required from LMK



2 Storey Block:

  • 1st Fix electrics ground floor 99% complete
  • 1st fix electrics 1st floor 80%
  • 2nd fix electrics 1st floor 10% complete
  • 2nd fix electrics ground floor 10% complete
  • 1st fix mechanical 90% complete
  • 2nd fix mechanical 20% complete
  • Air tightness 90% complete
  • Fitting Windows 98% complete
  • Glazing to windows 90% complete
  • Painting 40% complete
  • External insulation & render 70% complete
  • 1st fix Carpentry 80% complete
  • 2nd fix carpentry 55% complete
  • Ceiling grids 40% complete
  • MF ceilings 25% complete

Single storey block

  • 1st fix mechanical 90% complete
  • 1st fix electrics 99% complete
  • Air tightness 90% complete
  • Roof to the corridor 100%
  • External insulation & render 95% complete

Area 3

  • Brickwork 95% complete
  • Windows 75% complete
  • 1st fix electrics 80% complete
  • 1st fix mechanical 80% complete
  • MF ceiling 10% complete
  • Joisting over tea station 70% complete

Existing School

  • 2nd fix carpentry 99% complete
  • 2nd fix Mechanical 99% complete
  • Work to Boiler house 100% complete

Site works

  • Underground ducting 50%
  • Rainwater harvesting tank is now installed.
  • Excavations for soakaway pits 60%
  • Excavations for Templeroan entrance walls and storm connection started.
  • Grading area at the ball courts. 50% complete


Existing School   0% complete

2 storey block     0% complete

Single storey       0% complete

GP area                0% complete