Thank you for visiting our I.T. Information page.  We have attached 11 advice documents on what is available in terms of I.T. equipment for the state of the art classroom in the 21st century.  Staff members, members of the Parents Association and Board of Management members are currently in the process of studying these advice sheets.

We would very much welcome and appreiciate parents reviewing this documentation and providing feedback and insights to help in finalising decisions with regard to the installation of this equipment.

Please send on any suggestions or recommendations to Ms. Kennedy by email:

•Presenting in the Classroom

•Technology Overview in Schools – ICT Infrastructure

•Cloud Based Tools & Applicatins for Learning

•Interactive Flat Screens vs Digital Projectors

•Bring your own Device for Learning

•Tablets for Learning

•Digital Cameras (Stills)

•Digital Video

•Digital Projectors

•Interactive Whiteboards

•Visualiser or Document Camera