Senior-cycle-Sancta Maria College

Subjects can be taken at either Higher or Ordinary Level

All students are encouraged and supported in studying their subjects at the highest level appropriate for them.

In third year the following process assists students and parents in making informed choices regarding course and subject choice for senior cycle:

  • A Study Skills Seminar in September of Third Year to helps students get off to a good start in their Junior Certificate year
  • Aptitude Testing is carried out and the results are used to assist students in identifying their particular areas of strength
  • Interest Inventories are conducted to help identify areas of interest for each student
  • An Information Evening on Senior Cycle Programmes and Senior Cycle Subjects is organised for all Third Year students and parents
  • Each student who opts to go directly into Fifth Year has, at least one, one to one careers counselling session with her guidance counsellor prior to making her decision as to her choice of programme, and subjects, for Senior Cycle
  • Interviews for Transition Year are conducted early in the second term
  • Students are informed of their Programme and Senior Cycle Subjects in April/May

Subject to there being sufficient resources being made available by the Department of Education and Skills and subject to their being sufficient demand to justify the provision of a subject option, management reserves the right, on an annual basis, to determine the range and level of subjects provided.


Pupils are assessed continuously throughout the school year in a variety of ways including written work, project work, oral work and examinations.  Results of House Examinations are sent home at Christmas and summer. Trial examinations for the Junior and Leaving Certificate take place in February and March and results are communicated to parents.