25 May

Classes will end for all third year students at 3:45pm today, Thursday.  As already explained, supervised study will be available in Sancta Maria College from Monday, 28th May.

We hope these arrangements will provide the best support for 3rd Year students in their preparation for Junior Certificate 2018.

Each student has her timetable for the Junior Certificate (or you can find it on the home page of this website).  ON the first day of the Examinations all students must be in Sancta Maria College at least 30 minutes before the exam is due to commence.  On subsequent days they must arrive 15 minutes ahead of starting time.  For every subject, students should have the appropriate wiring equipment; for Mathematics the following are required:

  • Geometry set
  • Pens, pencils and eraser
  • Calculator (not programmable)

Log tables will be provided in the exam room – students should feel free to ask the superintendent for log tables and for as much graph paper as they need.  For science, each student should have a calculator (not programmable).

Each student should have a watch or clock; mobile phones, iPods and MP3s are forbidden in the room.  Each student has received the Rules and Regulations handout for the State Examinations.

Please be aware that all students must present in full, neat and tidy, school uniform for the duration of the State Examinations.

Supervised study will be available for the duration of the State exams.

We wish all of the girls well in their state examinations and we wish all families a happy and enjoyable summer.